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As a printing company you face a rapidly changing market with all the challenges of offering new services while lowering your costs and digital printing. We use our decade-long experience and our leading market position to provide you with specifically tailored, high quality printing solutions for your business needs. The Accurio brand for all of 3C Technology’s market-leading production printing systems and software reflects their advanced, automated and accurate nature: Key strengths and attributes include eliminating routine technology burdens and saving time, as well having less human touch that cuts down errors, waste and production costs. Experience the next evolutionary stage by 3C Technology now!

A philosophy of transparency, accountability, integrity, excellence and innovation in all our business dealings.

As the print and communications market continues to change, understanding how this will affect your production processes is paramount. You know your business and your clients; our dedicated team of consultants advise you on what opportunities exist that can create new innovation and wealth. Our portfolio entails consultancy services, infrastructure implementation and managed services. With our support, you can forget about your mundane operational tasks and focus on developing your business for tomorrow.

  • Office Solutions

    Transform your working environment into a digitally connected workspace with 3C's Digital Office solutions.

  • Concentrate on your Business

    Transform your working environment into a digitally connected workspace with 3C iT's Digital Office solutions. We have defined seven key areas, all shaping the way we are working today and tomorrow: Connectivity, Universal Design, Security, File sharing & collaboration, Document Capture & Management, Panel Customisation as well as Cloud & Mobile Printing.


    The modern way of working has transformed dramatically. Thanks to incredible technology, people can now work 100% remotely; they can take calls on-the-go, complete tasks at home or join meetings from anywhere in the world. This shift allows for greater productivity, as well as efficiency and flexibility of workflow. Mobile phones meet the requirements of modern workers perfectly – they are always on- hand and support fast, effective communication.

Trusted technology solution partner for today and beyond.

Ground-breaking ideas for today’s evolving workplace demand equally innovative technology that keeps your company agile and responsive to changes in the market.

  • Print and scan on-the-go with our free mobile printing app

  • EveryonePrint is simple to download - no need to install endless drivers or overhaul your current infrastructure!

  • Unique personal IDs and encryptions ensure enhanced security for your business

Is my printer Wi-Fi compatible?

Many of our machines are now Wi-Fi compatible. To find out if your machine is Wi-Fi compatible, double-check the specification of the model that you have purchased. All features and facilities will be listed in the printer handbook, and will also be mentioned online on our website. Another quick way to check if your machine is Wi-Fi compatible is to check the name of the machine. If your machine has a ‘W’ in the title – for example the Dell E310DW – then this generally means that the machine has Wi-Fi capabilities. In some cases, the ‘W’ may stand for something else – such as ‘white’, so be aware of the fact that this may not be for every printer. However, generally speaking, this is a fairly reliable indicator – make sure you always check this to be absolutely certain, though.

How do I choose my printer?

Generally speaking, we recommend that you base your printer choice on the volume and frequency of output. In simple terms, if you are printing lots of documents on a regular basis, it would be beneficial to invest in a more expensive, heavy-duty machine. If on the other hand, you will be printing lower volumes on an occasional basis, then a smaller, more affordable machine should be absolutely fine. All printers come with a ‘duty cycle’, which refers to the monthly volume guidelines. Pay attention to this when you are buying your printer, as you may find that the machine you were originally looking at doesn’t actually meet your needs and requirements. Another factor to consider when shopping for a printer is what it is that you wish to print. If you intend on printing lots of images, then your ideal machine will be different to someone who wants to print lots of text.

What is my warranty?

In short, this refers to the length of time that you are covered for with your machine. For example, if your machine comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, and it breaks down within that time, you are liable for a complete refund or replacement from the manufacturer. The majority of our machines come with a lengthy warranty, giving our customers that much-needed peace of mind.